What is Art?

Otherwise outcasts are given opportunity to create nonprofit artist communities across the world while showcasing their talents on reality series, Strike The Canvas. A portion of the proceeds earned will fund Strike The Canvas nonprofit centers with artist lofts, theaters, restaurants and gift shops where people who are not designed to fit a typical 9-to-5 job will prosper while being a contribution to others.

These Strike The Canvas communities will not only accommodate creatively inclined individuals, they will house idealistic realists offering countless opportunities such as informative classes and meetings of the minds that can solve issues concerning poverty, houselessness and well-being of the environment. There are endless possibilities which begin with you and your financial and emotional commitment to Strike The Canvas.

The beginning of Strike The Canvas’ reality series will focus on defiantly determined dogged debutants fundraising the proceeds needed to start this 501(c)(3) in Portland Oregon. With nothing left to lose and a world worth living in to win, a family of six misfits bond with a few honorable houseless artists to begin what will be known as Strike The Canvas PDX. Armed with a positive outlook, a few good ideas and unlimited potential, we hold true to our dreams. Just able to stay above water with severe health issues, daunting disabilities, struggles with addiction, low income and few friends or family, it’s all or nothing for these enthusiastic entrepreneurial renegades forging the way for future Vincent van Goghs.

Would any of us even know who Vincent van Gogh is if it weren’t for the business savvy and love of his brother Theo? A true artist cannot thrive in the various programs currently in existence designed to help people. Tough love with lack of unity and compassion throughout families, churches, rehabs etc. have left the Vincent Van Gogh’s of today for dead. An artist must be in a frame of mind that fosters true creativity in order to give birth to the works of art that will be coveted even centuries later. Every human being has a small scared child that they protect within their psyche. It is this child that must be given a safe environment, free to explore the world that we live in. This inner child’s expressions are the soul of what we find enduring. A true artist bares their soul for all to see, finding common ground for us all to enjoy. Commercialism, mass media, poverty, misunderstandings, all lead to the destruction of an artist’s inner child making mere survival near impossible. Strike The Canvas will foster imagination, creating a world where people are appreciated for their intentions and creative self-expression rather than mistakes. The past is properly dealt with by being put in perspective, leaving wide open fields of adventure for empathetic enduring evangelists of art who together will leave the world a more fun and forgiving place than when we got here. I believe that being an artist is having an almost undefinable desire to leave the memory of passions experienced within everything we touch. There is no need for competition, rather a need for premonition of future generations, every thought that we have, everything that we create will all lend to the future of mankind. A picture is worth 1000 words, one thought can spark 1000 dreams. There is a necessity for drama that proves victorious over our faults. The artists of our time are consumed with the same fire that has united all artists, let us light the way for all those to come, Strike The Canvas! You can make this dream a reality simply by distributing Strike The Canvas, the idea, to your community. Today Portland, tomorrow the world, Strike The Canvas!

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