Corporate Candy Creep

                          This is a PDX Public Service Message from
I love to see a new mom and pop business open up.  I do all that I can to have people support these types of businesses.  I buy what I can from them and tell everyone that I talk to about them.  Rocket Fizz Candy Shop on the corner of Alder and 6th avenue in downtown Portland is an exception.  Rocket Fizz is just another corporate chain store attempting to disguise itself as a cute little local business.  The guy that is running it or owns this place is a CREEP, a CANDY CREEP.  I would not give Rocket Fizz any business nor would I allow my children anywhere near the guy that plays weird, discriminatory games with people who he deems inappropriate.  I know one of the cutest, picture book perfect families in PDX, who after going in to Rocket Fizz three different occasions, were lured outside with promises of free candy.  Unsure of such a weird request, the couple followed the weirdo outside with their precious little daughter where they were told not to ever come back and then he offered them a handful of free candy as some sort of consolation bribe.  He said that he knew that they had come there to steal.  They told him where he could shove his candy.  Upset over hearing what had happened to them, I started telling people about the Candy Creep only to find out that another couple that I know had the exact same experience.  If any of you are trying to justify this creep’s motives, I urge you to believe that these people were in no way intending any wrong doing and did not deserve such absurd actions.  I have had my share of false accusations.  It is not acceptable to treat people as if they have done some horrible crime based on pure paranoia.  This Candy Creep is judging people purely by appearance.  I plan on going in with a camera and having a few other people do the same thing.  He does not usually attack on the first visit, it seems to take a few times of crossing his perverse radar to get taken outside.  There is no reason to give The Rocket Fizz Candy Store any of your business.  There is nothing that they have that you can’t get at Rite Aid for less and we have never been mistreated there.  They are supposed to be a place that invokes a child like warmth to all that enter looking for a nostalgic memory.  Instead, it is the type of place that nightmares are made of.  If you go there a few times hoping to take a walk down memory lane and are asked to go outside for free candy, chances are good that you have been targeted by the Candy Creep.
Please support local business or at the very least, businesses that support locals by treating them humanely.
Rocket Fizz is just another corporate giant wanting to purge your pockets for profit.

Please Let Them Know How You Feel:
535 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhoods: Southwest Portland, Downtown

(503) 703-2341

5 thoughts on “Corporate Candy Creep

  1. I love “ALEXIS’S” reply……….she is admitting that they discriminate against the homeless? WOW, i really want to give them my business….not!

  2. I think this lady is crazy, and that rocket fizz is one of the happiest, best feel good places in the world. it’s a shame that one bad apple have to ruin the whole bunch.

  3. I work at this Store and non of this is true. We only kick out people that we have seen steak or the homeless

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