When we first met, it was love at first sight, our insecurities kept us apart for almost 5 years until fate forced us to overcome our fears. Thank God that we finally realized that we share the same skin, and fight side by side. We have been through such scary times together. Being with the man of my dreams makes all the difference in the world. We can and possibly have been through our worst nightmares together. Faith and love are similar in the sense that it takes holding on and knowing what’s right despite science’s perspective of chemicals and whatever other facts used to excuse relationships not working. Mykal not only is the most dreamy husband, loving father, he also is the greatest songwriter and performer, reminiscent of Syd Barrett , Jerry Lee Lewis and Sid Vicious.


4 thoughts on “STRIKE MIKE

    • Too bad we missed X together. Looking forward to having the opportunity to know you better, and becoming great friends. Every thing Ive seen and found about you is Fantastic .

  1. Hey Mykal – We met yesterday on the aerial tram after you received the devastating news. If you’ve blocked out the entire episode or the day has just become a blur already, I totally get it. Would be surprised if you hadn’t. Just wanted to let you know that my heart sank really deep for you guys – here I am the next morning in a different town and state thinking about it. I meant what I said. Medicine is advancing so rapidly and so much can happen in four years. Never give up hope and strength and love or the fight in the first place. Stay strong. Love each other. Most of all, take care of each other and yourselves. Especially yourselves. I hope little Darby Boo eventually found his “release” but yeah, that’s him exercising control in a world where it’s a pretty safe bet he has none. When the time is right, he’ll let go. On his own terms. Kids are smarter than we are. Stay strong and be good. – Cory

    • It’s strange how after 3 years, your comment is still so timely. We have been treating Barrett, our youngest son with prayer and spiritual promptings which have been allowing healing when medical professionals would have been surprised to just slow down the seemingly inevitable unhappy ending. Because of our choices, we have had OHSU call children’s protection services several times. Thankfully The Lord prevails when limited logic does not which equates to Barrett being a happy, playful little miracle who is four years old now and soon to be five. His big brother Darby seems to be fine so long as he gets weekly chiropractic adjustments which insurance has yet to cover due to medical codes. Regardless, we are a happy, healthy family thanks to people like you who care enough to encourage us. Thank you for being a strong, kind friend even from afar.
      We hope that you and your family continues to thrive in love and light as we have.

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