Comic Books and Video Games

Joey and Tuesday, our two teenagers, have made it their need to know when it comes to anything considered geek. When I was younger and got made fun of for loving sci-fi, technology and comics, Revenge of the Nerds was just a movie, not a social uprising. The new acceptance of such treasures is proof of society’s ability to assimilate to the best of the best.  Both born on May 8, two years apart, often inseparable and always invincible, they are thankfully helping us to start the Darby Boo company.  I do believe that Joey and Tuesday are extremely successful, wealthy entrepreneurs who are learning to apply all that they know.  I am bragging,  I know it, though I have every right to since they are as close to perfect as two humans can be.  Our Aunt Esther says that my children are God’s gift to me and I do agree.  I also have to be quite thankful for having taken a course called ‘Redirecting Children’s Behavior’ which taught me how to be an extra good Mommy while raising them to be responsible for themselves and respectful to themselves and others.  It takes a bit more effort in the first few years to parent this way.  I endured quite a bit of criticism from well-meaning idiots who were concerned that I was being too nice.  I am so happy that I did what I knew was best for all of us.  You can never love your child enough or show them too much attention, they deserve it.


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