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The Healing Diet How and Why


I spent a good portion of my life struggling to feel good. I had undiagnosed allergies as a child that caused other ailments and even when I got those under control, I had a host of other issues that prevented me from enjoying life until I was finally diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 28 years of age. My doc said that I could go on insulin and a restrictive diet and be a diabetic the rest of my life or we could eliminate the main cause, candida, and I could be cured to live a normal healthy life. He assured me that I could attain a level of health that I had never known. I believed him, Thank God, and in return for my efforts after about 6 months, I began to feel like I was floating on air. I slept an average of 4 hours a day at that point in my healing, had lost 40 pounds that I couldn’t even starve away before, and had a clarity of mind that was life-changing. If you don’t feel good, try eating this way for as long as you can and I promise that you will be emancipated from suffering that you might not even realize that you have had. With a dedicated mindset, you can transform your eating habits which will create a vibrancy that will radiate to your mind, body, society and environHealthy Habitsment on a global level. The respect that you will give to your body will in turn revolutionize every other part of your world. Despite the most honest efforts at times it can feel like a vicious circle with no way out. You are not alone and there is an end in sight. The most rewarding way to succeed is to envision an end result that is worth fighting for and holding on to that vision despite any discouraging feelings. Imagine yourself living the life that you want to live, the way that you want to live it, with the people that you want to live it with. This is the first step into that life. There is no limit to what you are capable of regardless of circumstance. Many common complaints can be easily remedied naturally and inexpensively. I am not claiming to have a magic cure to all that ails you. I am providing information that I have learned the hard way, the expensive way, and/or at times have been gifted with love.
Take it or leave it.
I hope that you take it and pass it on.
Your inner healing will radiate happiness throughout the world.


Diversity is a wonderful attribute which normally prevents a “one size fits all” approach to healing. Despite individuality, we share a common denominator indiscriminate of our unique makeup. It is Candida which is the primary initiate for most negative health issues we struggle with. Candida is a naturally occurring microorganism that becomes parasitic in nature when given opportunity in the human body. Multiplying in numbers advantageously, they create as many health issues as can be imagined to further their plight. The Candida find different pathways in each person plagued by these menacing fiends, damaging vital organs, hijacking nervous systems, they are true terrorists from within. Chances are quite probable that the initiation of any mental or physical illness that you were not born with, and was not caused by a physical altercation, began with candida and can be overcome. No matter what type of destruction being caused, there is one definite way to eradicate these persistent pests, starve them.
How do you starve them?
The Healing Diet!


By not eating anything that turns to sugar during digestion. No fruits, grains that contain gluten, sugars, yeasts or dairy. It’s easier to remember what you can eat rather than what you can’t eat. Basically proteins, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans prepared properly will nourish you without feeding the yeast. Sometimes during the early stages of a candida cleanse the “healing crisis” can cause some discomfort and intense cravings. Once the candida have been eradicated, you will quite possibly have the greatest “high” ever known.


I am not exaggerating when I say that you will feel like you are a new person once the die off stage nears completion. Weight gain seems to be a common ailment that plagues us frequently. If you have put on weight, this candida cleanse will cause you to lose it quickly and easily without creating new problems. Not all people gain weight when plagued with candida. If you need to gain weight, this diet can allow your system to maintain the size that’s healthiest for your body. Many ailments might flare up and then go away during this cleanse such as skin conditions, headaches, digestive discomforts, etc.. Any other health issues can easily be remedied once you have regained control. Natural remedies designed to cure candida can be a little bit trickier as our individual chemistry plays a role in the efficacy of each one. Again, some have proven themselves to prevail consistently. I prefer to only mention these tried and true options for now. Some say it takes 1 month per year of life for full recovery. Don’t be bound by time, rather allow your intuition to guide you in quantum leaps forward. With faith, miracles are always possible and healing is never ending.


Please feel free to share your lessons learned. If there are events in your healing that you would like to make others aware of, please share with us. Ask me questions keeping in mind that I am not a health care practitioner and can not give medical advice. I am a compassionate member of this world (and at times others) and would like to contribute to the happiness and well-being of all who share my vision. I know that through balance, determination and love that we can excel to unimaginable levels, achieving the dreams that once seemed impossible. This website, like our lives, is a work in progress that is far from perfect. Any advice or contributions to further the benefits gained by visiting this site are greatly appreciated. The Healing Diet is in its most basic form on the HEALING DIET page. I don’t eat meat and would prefer that we all become vegans for health and humanity. I include meat because even though it is not an ideal source of protein, it will not prevent the die off of candida. A diet void of meat will give you superior health if you are balancing with the proper proteins and fats like spirulina, coconut and coconut oil. I wanted to make healing as affordable as possible without causing undue difficulty when trying to eat right. Supplements are not necessary with this diet if you are including a good balance and don’t have any major health issues. Please see the SUPER SUPPLEMENT page to learn more about the supplements that our family uses and why.


I have nothing to gain by sharing this knowledge short of a good conscience that I am sharing tools that have been gifted to me in hopes that you will benefit as our family has. It pains me to see people suffering needlessly, fearing that they can’t afford to eat a wholesome diet. Please just be vigilant about reading labels, even a drop of the foods to avoid can set you back. Please chew foods until they are liquid in your mouth. Digestion begins in the mouth. Another great way to improve health is to drink fresh spring water with a little bit of a good greens powder, some lemon and if you can afford it, a few drops of CELL FOOD, not necessary if you can not afford it. Keep a bottle with this mixture in it at room temperature all day. When you sip on it, swish it in your mouth and chew it. Doing this will get your digestive juices going and keeps your body in a mode of elimination. If you are not able to use any of those additions, a small pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt in room temperature water is quit effective also. Most important to remember is to be prepared by having healthy snacks ready to eat in times of hunger. You can eat as much as you want of the healing foods without fear of putting on weight. When I did it, I ate quite a bit and really enjoyed spoiling myself instead of beating myself up over indulgences that left me feeling worse.


The HEALING DIET is all about treating yourself good. Please journal your process. I am sure that you will look back and laugh. You will find that when you eat for health, you will learn to appreciate yourself and the world around you in a brand new light.

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