Super Supplements defines supplement as something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole. If you are implementing the Healing Diet, there are a few super supplements that can cause quantum leaps in well-being that are worth your time, effort and money. I have taken each supplement that I recommend with genuine gratitude for the quality of life that I am able to achieve from each powerhouse of a pill, powder or liquid. I have found that each supplement is best in certain forms by different companies. I research everything that our family takes extensively due to the loss of my Daddy at an early age. He grew an organic garden and had a cabinet full of supposed supplements.  I questioned his massive heart attack at such an early age, how could
an intelligent, health-conscious, naturalist suffer such a fate? I learned that supplements are not regulated properly, fillers are often toxic or not necessary, I could go on and on.

There are three major concerns that I have when choosing supplements. First of all, the quality and efficacy of the ingredients which are improved by being a whole food based supplement that provides necessary co factors
in a vehicle of delivery designed to get what you need where you need it. Second major concern is how well the body can use the supplement, how easily is it absorbed and used? Another part of this question is, how easily can your body rid itself of the portions of the supplements not used up?  Believe it or not, some things not used by your body can be quite taxing on your excretory system to the level of absolute danger.   I often wonder if people taking supplements are aware of how toxic the unused leftovers become, especially when they are in some foreign chemical form that the body doesn’t recognize.  My third major concern is price. We truly struggle financially since getting set back by the Trimet accident and have to be sure that anything that we spend our money on is cost effective and absolutely necessary. Our youngest son, Barrett is fighting for his life on a daily basis, so every day that he does not get the supplements that his body requires, he is being robbed of precious time. I know that there are some doctors that would argue the necessity of some supplements, though as you will find by continuing to read, we have had major events cause the need for each supplement that we take and survived life threatening battles by finding and using each one. As God as my witness, I am confident that each one is worth it’s weight in gold. I have nothing to gain by telling others about these super supplements other than the hope that people can achieve the well-being that we have and hopefully avoid the scares that we have faced. There are others that I would like to try. For now, these are the super supplements that are within our price range (not really;0) or that I feel strongly prompted to use by my maternal intuition.

In no particular order, below are the super supplements that our family uses:

  • MAGNESIUM– Soaking in EPSOM SALT is a great way to absorb magnesium which is calming and healing. My husband had 3 blood clots disappear after soaking in 2 cups of EPSOM SALT for about 2-4 hours at different intervals for a week. We all take a bath every 2-3 days with 2 cups of EPSOM SALT to alleviate aches and pains and oxygenate the body. The added bonus is the peaceful calm it delivers. Almost all EPSOM SALT is good, although, I would not get it with added lavender or any of those other fragrant weeds. You can also use a magnesium oil that you can massage straight onto areas that ache or on neck, shoulders and upper arms. If the oil is too harsh for you, cut it with some coconut oil. Our family uses the TRACE MINERALS IONIC MAGNESIUM DROPS which is not labeled to be used transdermally, though the molecular composition makes it perfect for applying topically or adding to drinks.  NATURAL VITALITY CALMAG is a good source of extra magnesium (if you start to get runny stools from oral intake of magnesium, slow down until you return to normal)
  • COLOSTRUM– I only will purchase one colostrum unless it is an emergency and I am desperate. Nature’s Promise Colostrum is an excellent quality colostrum that is guaranteed to be free of lactose and casein based on independent laboratory testing. This is major in our family since our Little Darby Boo will suffer rashes, runs, cramps, skin lesions and days of painful outbursts if he gets the smallest amount of casein, lactose, gluten or corn. His little brother, Barrett, is not far behind him when it comes to sensitivity to those substances. We can not take any chances with brands that claim to have low amounts of lactose and casein. My only complaint with this brand is the gelatin caps and I wish it could be free. I was lucky enough to have an issue with our bank account when we placed our first order to Nature’s Promise Colostrum, and received a call from the owner, Mary. She is such a passionate, knowledgeable woman who takes great pride in the quality of her product. My personal miracle that i got through the use of colostrum was after being bit by a brown recluse spider on my lower right leg, just below my knee. I almost lost my leg. By the time I got done having it debride and no more rotting occurred, I not only took an average of 24 capsules internally, I doused the inside of my wound with several capsules that I opened and mixed with pure water each time that I took them internally. I would do this throughout the day and night an average of 6 times within 24 hours for about 4 weeks. After those 4 weeks, I had a small scar that is slightly indented where a wound the size of a half dollar had been that was working its way through to the other side of my leg. At one point, I was warned that I might lose my leg. That is when i sought out the colostrum. I refused to believe that God did not provide a solution to such a gruesome little eight legged fiend. I had one guy on the internet who is a supposed specialist in the brown recluse world (yikes!) who insisted that it could not be a brown recluse bite since I lived in Florida. I sent him another email with great detail and pictures which he examined and said that he did not know what else it could be. These so called experts are really something. He has a long list of other things that are probably the culprit should you ever get bit by a brown recluse spider which he insists will not bite a human. Conveniently, none of my symptoms matched any of the suspects on his long list. How quickly I diverge into different tangents. Colostrum can heal bones, ligaments, nerves, skin and a weakened immune system.  Colostrum is a necessary super supplement in our family, it is 1 of 2 supplements that we use as neosporin and you can find out so much more about it by going to Mary’s site:

  • COCONUT WATER– Being properly hydrated can give our bodies the ability to overcome symptoms that can lead to death. Our little miracle baby, Little Gandhi Bear, was in the hospital on his deathbed. He had suffered three allergic reactions due to careless mistakes made by nurses and doctors while he was fighting off a gruesome bout of RSV with pulmonary hypertension. My husband and I were told to prepare for our Little Gandhi Bear not to make it. We were told that he was probably not going to survive, to prepare ourselves for him to leave us soon. I still cry as I am typing this. I sat by his bedside, trying to comfort him, crying my eyes out and praying for a miracle. That following morning, I felt a strong urge to purchase a raw, not from concentrate, quality coconut water in a glass jar. I brought it back and pored small amounts into little clean containers and dipped a sponge applicator into the coconut water, then into Little Gandhi Bear’s mouth allowing him to suck out the coconut water as much as he wanted. The following morning, his cardiologist gave us thumbs up, saying that he did not know what we did, but he would be going home the next day! By the time that he went home, he had 5 allergic reactions. He could barely breathe or maintain oxygen levels despite having excessive amounts of oxygen forced into his nasal passages which I believe were trying to fight the oxygen flow by causing the adenoids to swell and creating mass amounts of snot which in turn dried out his throat and caused severe dehydration. Divine intervention? There is no question in my mind that divine intervention brought our son home. I also believe that his ability to heal was due to the nutrients delivered with intense hydration thanks to the coconut water. No matter how I look at it, the Good Lord gives our son life and we are so very thankful!
  • VITAMIN D3– I don’t care what anyone says about calcium or fluoride, I believe that D3 is what actually strengthens bones and teeth. It is a hormone, not a vitamin and the list of what it does along with the symptoms of what you will suffer if low in D3 is no joke. Our son, Darby, went from not talking to talking in complete sentences one week after giving him a quality D3 supplement. My husband and two teenagers never want to have to go a day without our D3 after finding that any tooth pain and sensitivity disappears after taking it. I am allergic to wool and do not do well with most forms of D3. GARDEN OF LIFE D3 5000mg, once a day is perfect for my husband and two teenagers. Our two little ones get 1/4 of a capsule daily sprinkled in their bottles and they have beautiful teeth. I used a different brand that came highly recommended one month and still regret it.
  • COCONUT OIL– We use coconut oil in many ways, and also make sure to consume at least a tablespoon a day each.  I keep small balls of coconut oil in the refrigerator.  The cold causes them to harden which allows me to use them as suppositories for Darby who struggles with constipation due to a Traumatic Brain Injury. We put some room temperature coconut oil or butter in our mouths throughout the evening, known as oil pulling, please read more about it at the following link:

  • ASTHAXANTHIN– The babies get 2mg a day in their bottles. If we could afford it, my husband, the teenagers and I would take 8mg a day to reduce effects of stress and to protect against more than can be imagined.
  • CAMU CAMU– The babies get a pinch of this a day. It is the highest source of vitamin C in a food source. Linus Pauling has written several books concerning the benefits of C. He has an institute here in Oregon. Vitamin C also helps increase the efficacy of opiates if you suffer pain. It is just so important to get mass amounts in a whole food form.
  • MACA– Maca is an adaptogen that balances hormones for men and women. It helps to increase stamina, sex drive, overall mood and reduces issues such as hot flashes. 1tbs per day for 6 days and take a day off to get maximum benefits. It is most affordable to buy it as a super whole food raw powder by NAVITAS NATURALS somewhere like Whole Foods. It is usually found on the bulk aisle and can be purchased in this form with food stamps if needed.
  • CHIA SEEDS– Full of omega fats, protein, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, these little seeds can be added to drinks, soups, dips, smoothies, etc.. Also available by NAVITAS NATURALS as a food at Whole Foods.
  • FLAXSEED- A wholesome essential fatty acid providing food that can be used in place of eggs in some recipes and also as a thickener.
  • GREENS POWDER– GREEN VIBRANCE can be purchased in a small envelope in the wellness area of Whole Foods for a little over $2. It is supposed to be one day’s serving, but I use it over the course of 2-3 days in my water. It has 25 billion whatever of probiotics which is impressive compared to most forms of probiotics and quite affordable considering all of the fringe benefits. I believe that if your body is balanced, you will not need to add probiotics, they will occur naturally. This is a great and affordable choice for a few months.
  • KUZU– This is a food that is a starch available at Whole Foods. It reduces the need for alcohol in half if you are struggling with that issue. If you are dedicated and use it properly, you can keep decreasing the amount you drink each week by half until you no longer want it. It is an amazing thickener which also alleviates indigestion, balances blood sugar and minimizes headaches.
  • KOMBUCHA– In Portland Oregon, chances are that even the most reclusive people frequent their favorite coffee shop. Our favorite is Pete’s on the corner of Broadway and Washington. The staff is super sweet and the beverages are quality. We drink the peppermint tea with soy milk, and Little Darby Boo likes the apple juice, chocolate zico with raw sugar or the green juice drink. Sadly, Pete’s does not have Kombucha. Sometimes we go to Fresh Pot on Wahington instead to get the Super Berry Kombucha for Darby and I. The atmosphere leaves me feeling like I am somewhere that I am not welcomed. There is just something about the way it is set up that makes me feel out of place. I guess it’s an old pharmacy which is cool. It has remnants of the old tile. We did a quick desperate standing diaper change due to Darby being unwilling to go to the bathroom which is shared with the inside mall down a long seperate corridor that kind of gives me the creeps and it was too cold to do the change outside. Despite the store being void of customers and it being a pee diaper that we changed quite stealthily, the girl, barista, behind the counter mumbled something about code violations. I think that someone else would need to be there to get one of those. URGGHHH!!! Another tangent. I will have a blog about diaper changing etiquette soon. Time for bed or yoga. Kombucha is a fermented drink that is said to have cured cancer. I don’t know about all that, but I do know that it can and has helped to balance our bodies when we have been eating too many sugars or starches. We especially like the GT’s Synergy Cherry Chia which we get at Whole Foods.
  • CELLFOOD OXYGEN GEL– Our neosporin, great for diaper area.
  • NUSCIENCE CELLFOOD LIQUID CONCENTRATE– This stuff is expensive and so worth it. I could go on and on. It helps to bring balance to your body and to hydrate your cells. How cool is that?
  • GARDEN OF LIFE FAMILY MULTIVITAMINS– Super good stuff, I love most of the products by this company. We can not afford to take as many per day as is recommended so we take 1 each a day, which is cost effective and still more potent than something cheaper.
  • GARDEN OF LIFE B VITAMINS– We only take 1 a day, we need the extra B vitamins due to the excessive stress that we have put our bodies through in the past and even now. This brand makes supplements that are so much more easily absorbed and used with the co factors needed to make sure that they work.
  • TAPIOCA FLOUR OR TAPIOCA STARCH– If you need immediate relief from heat rash, just pat a handful on the affected area and the heat and itching will quickly subside.  Just like any powder, please be careful not to inhale it.  We have not tried mixing it with water and applying it or adding 2 cups to a lukewarm bath and soaking, yet I have read that those two methods are effective also.  We prefer organic or BOB’s RED MILL TAPIOCA FLOUR.  It can also be used in the place of corn starch to thicken sauces or gravies.
  • TEA TREE OIL– Add a few drops of this to COCONUT OIL and apply the mixture to fungus on nails and or feet and then powder over the area with the TAPIOCA FLOUR to keep it dry and the fungus will die soon after.  Be sure to not keep reinfecting the area with shoes or other items that might be harboring the fungus.
  • NATURE’S ONE BABY’S ONLY ORGANIC SOY FORMULA– Our two babies had to have some supplemental formula due to health conditions.  We tried the most expensive formulas designed for digestive issues.  We tried goat’s milk.  We did not even attempt the Weston Price formula due to strong feelings that everything that I have ever known to be true did not align with it.  BABY’S ONLY ORGANIC SOY FORMULA is the best of the best of the best!  Rashes, constipation, runs, acid reflux, colic all became a foggy nightmare that we no longer had to endure.  It is not covered by WIC despite being cheaper than the stuff that dietitians kept recommending.  I normally would not want to use something soy based, yet my little angels will not tolerate anything else.  It is about $10 per can and well worth it.  New Seasons is the only place that I can find in Portland that stocks it.  I consider it a valuable supplement and super worth every penny.


  • DEER ANTLER VELVET– Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Deer Antler Super Potency Extract is the brand that we chose due to quality, price and the fact that it has no other ingredients except for the alcohol base that it is in.  I am so excited to say that the Deer Antler Velvet is doing something EXTRAordinary for our little Gandhi Bear!  He is getting firmer.  Normally, he is kind of soft and super extra cuddly, now he is getting a definite muscle tone.  We can’t see the muscle tone yet, though we can feel it.  He has more stamina.  He insists on being put down to play and seeks out obstacles that in the past, he would avoid.  Bear is exerting his vocal talents, making his needs very known.  Bothered by the feeling of his bare chest rubbing against the kitchen floor, he crawled for a moment, and not just doing the military crawl.  He gets into the crawling position with such determination throughout the day and night, while kind of rocking back and forth to exercise the muscles needed to crawl normally.  The only negative side effect that he has experienced is not napping for about 3 days, then gradually he acclimated to his normal sleep schedule.  I would not consider Barrett displaying emotions more often to be a negative side effect, though some people might.  He has become more demanding of his wants, and not just going with the flow, he is insistent of his desires every moment.  No more just carrying him to appease him, we have to really look for ways to entertain and interact with him.  I find these demands of Bear’s a sign of higher intellect.  Deer Antler Velvet is no joke, it really does have a beneficial effect on muscle tone and alertness for precious little Barrett.  I wish that our entire family could afford to take it.

If we could afford to purchase all of the supplements that we would like to try, there are a few more supplements that I wish that we could take. We can’t even always afford to take all of these supplements listed and do have to go without many of them at times and I can assure you that we can feel a major difference in our ability to function and to feel good.  Trust your own body above and beyond anything that I tell you or that others try telling you.  Each person has unique chemistry that might suffer sensitivities that others don’t.  My family absolutely can not tolerate chamomile, calendula or lavender.  The side effects that we endure are much greater than the benefits.  Allergies and or sensitivities are something to be taken very seriously.  Please introduce any new supplement or food with caution and listen to your body.  I have a latex allergy, yet no ill reaction to TAPIOCA, some people with latex allergies can not tolerate tapioca.  This is just one example, I really am not a doctor and don’t know everything despite what my husband says.  Please always use common sense, I think it is the most prized form of intellect.Camu Camu

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