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BelieveIn junior high I was told during an eye exam that I would need to wear glasses due to myopia.  I went with my mom to the store afterwards and purchased a pair of glasses.  The following morning, I put the glasses on as I was about to leave the house and just as quickly, took them off leaving them in my drawer where they remained untouched for years till I finally gave them to charity.  I liked the way they looked, I just instinctively knew there had to be a better way.  I went to the library to look on microfilm (internet did not exist) for a solution which I did find.  I started doing “eye exercises” for 5 minutes a day, 3 times a day and before long, I had perfect eyesight, never needing to use glasses or any other devices to see at a normal distance again.  I learned thateyes are muscles that require exercise to build strength.  By depending on glasses, contacts or “ideal” bright lighting at all times, I was using a crutch which gave way to entropy.  Blinking frequently, especially when reading, helps to properly lubricate one set of two self cleansing body parts, one of which you might not have if you are a male.  I have NEVER used eye drops, and although they are mentioned in the first link below, I consider them to be a crutch that delays healing.  Please don’t forget that diet and proper hydration contribute to healthy eyesight as well.  I have just scanned the internet to see if there is any insight that I might not have known about to further benefit your efforts.  I haven’t learned anything new.  I have found some free sites (listed below) that are as comprehensive as need be, conveniently allowing me the ease of just providing a link to you rather then recreating what already exists quite adequately:

This link is simple, comprehensive and contains a video by a man who was born blind, truly impressive!
This site is a little bit more middle of the road being that it promotes at times using glasses.  It still has incredibly valuable information that can be of great use, especially for those of you with children suffering from myopia.
This is related to the website directly above with more comprehensive information and links.
This is just a quick, simple guide that you can reference and use while at the computer reading the other links:
Our minds are capable of causing limitations simply by persistent intentional declarations.  An example would be after my third car accident, I was laying in bed with documented injuries which were crippling me to the level that I could not barely move to fulfill basic tasks without help.  Even when I would lay perfectly still, indescribable pain shot through my head, neck and back.  One day, a friend called to coach me.  She insisted that I was manifesting the pain by holding on to something emotionally.  I became angry.  After telling her about my doctor’s records in great detail, we started just talking like friends talk.  Soon, I was sitting up on my own, discussing my paternal grandma who, many years ago, had passed away before I had the chance to clear up some disturbing memories.  She pretended to be my grandma so that I could tell her how she made me feel like a failure who could never rise above my circumstances.  How appropriate!  I had been laying in bed, failing due to my circumstances.  Michael Mirdad also had done some work on my neck and back ailments after the second accident.  He said something to the effect of, “Heather, there is someone else who has the job that you are trying to fulfill and His name is Jesus Christ and He is meant to do it.  Why don’t you stop trying to carry the world on your shoulders and you won’t suffer neck and back pains so often.”  After a lifetime of conditioning myself for failure, I require reminders to let go of regrets.  I am still constantly reminded not to try to save the world by myself.  Sometimes I have to offer it up to God.  Then I get into an argument with myself about how God uses our hands to produce miracles and we all should be as charitable as possible and then some.  That’s a whole different blog.  All I know is that I do still suffer aches and pains which is my body’s way of letting me know that I need some tender loving care.  Once I acknowledge the true root cause of what is causing the disruption, I can deal with it accordingly.  For more on how your mind can prevent your eyes from enjoying excellent vision, please read this amazing web page:
Even the healthiest people can benefit from nature’s abundant gifts for vibrant well-being.  Camu Camu is a fruit that our family consumes daily for various reasons.  It is one of those blanket type cures in the sense that from my research, I can not find an ailment that would not struggle to withstand it’s healing strong suits.  Camu Camu is a pure, raw, whole food fruit bearing mega doses of vitamin C.  It has the second highest plant sourced vitamin C content in the world.  This little amazonian berry helps to increase serotonin levels while providing soluble antioxidants.  There are other natural choices at Longevity Warehouse to give your eyes the nutrients they crave.  I prefer Longevity Warehouse since quality and effectiveness are key to successful outcomes.  Saving money somewhere else would be a waste of money if the other product has fillers, binders, etc…
Speaking of fillers and binders, this website has some valuable content.  I obviously don’t agree with his view of eye exercises.  I do agree that learning to properly relax the eyes is just as important as giving them a good workout.  You are perfectly capable of picking and choosing the information best suited to your needs.  I would not recommend purchasing anything from this company due to their unnecessary ingredients and exorbitant pricing considering the lack of whole foods.  There may be other reasons, I just got stopped after reading the ingredients in one of their formulations.  I would not recommend spending money on the program either.  The exercises along with basic relaxation techniques, one of which is given on this page, are adequate.  Also, I know that I struggle with sentence structure.  I hate typing and create my posts just like I talk.  I don’t make  mad money allowing the luxury of having someone to proof read my inevitable run on sentences.  Dr. Mercola does make mad cash, employs many people, yet he still starts a sentence with a conjunction which is definitely not its function.  As you read the following page, watch for the sentence that he starts with ‘and’.  Urghhhh!  I do look for the good in anything possible.  Enough said:


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