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Toddler Constipation or Misunderstood Traumatic Brain Injury

Little almost 3-year-old Darby Boo had gone through severe bouts of toddler constipation.  We were able to find a chiropractor that doesn’t want our first-born in return for services that our insurance will not cover.  She is going away for memorial day weekend, so the soonest we can get him in is next Tuesday.  He had 3 adjustments, one a week, the last being about a month ago and the doctor at that chiropractic clinic said that despite the efficacy of the sessions, and the manual exam having brought to light a pull in the lower left part of his back, that the constipation must be dietary if he is not completely better now.  I argued with him, God knows that I did, then I begged, then I realized that he just did not want us back.  It is a free chiropractor and I think that they only offer 3-6 sessions per person, no matter what.  My husband and I went for 6 sessions each after the Trimet accident that we were in with Darby and were told that all that could be done with chiropractic had been done.  Again, I argued and begged… what kind of chiropractor does not believe in the efficacy of his own services when the patient is begging for more and it is not for drugs, just a simple adjustment that brings such amazing results?   Urghhhh!!!!  My 20-year-old son had similar issues and he was cured of toddler constipation with chiropractic adjustments at Doctor Rachel’s Clinic in Cocoa Beach, Florida.   Today in an Epsom salt bath, Darby had a generous movement without signs of pain and since then, has been the most energetic, playful, smile bug on earth.  The day before he had one movement that was short and stout, requiring a screaming effort to get it out.  The day before, he had such severe constipation, that I had to hold him in an Epsom salt bath while he screamed and shook, bottom lip quivering, it was hell on earth.  I had to carefully reach in with my index finger and break up the huge, compacted poop.  He still screamed and struggled to push it out.  It was one of the worst days of our lives.  Darby has been eating a great diet, except for an occasional bowl of Fruity Pebbles which are void of gluten, dairy and we thought corn, now we are wondering about that.  He has recently indulged in a special treat that he insists on getting when going to New Seasons which is about 2 times per month, meringue cookies which are primarily egg whites, sugar and food coloring.  This is the only time that he has eggs, since we use bananas or flax seed when baking and he won’t eat them on their own.  We are wondering if the meringues might be the culprit.  We were very low on funds and could not get Epsom salt for almost 2 weeks, not having his regular Epsom salt baths could be causing it.  Then, there is the pull in his lower back that still has not been properly addressed, which according to the chiropractor that he will be seeing on Tuesday, could be manifesting in more noticeable ways as he is growing.
Sadly, I was typing too soon, only moments after having typed the previous sentence, our playful little angel Darby morphed to a cranky, pushy, meanie and pushed his brother down, then started running around yelling, “Ouch!”.  We ran him in an Epsom salt bath and I told him his favorite poopy stories.  He still has not had the bowel movement that is distressing him so.  He is so serious, demanding, and desperate to keep busy so that he does not have to focus on the task that is weighing so heavily on him.  He has had a major alteration in behavior since the Trimet accident.  We have been taking him to a naturopath that monitors him closely.  We were hoping that the addition of some nutrients, such as vitamin D3 and extra essential fatty acids along with frequent Epsom salt baths had done the trick, but something just has not been right.  We had Early Intervention come out and they determined that he is not autistic like his older brother, Joey, yet could benefit from some services concerning impulse control, which Daddy struggles with also.  I do believe that if he ingested the foods that we so carefully avoid, that his autism diagnosis would be different.  I also believe that Darby trying to reach around to his lower left side and saying that he can’t reach where the poopy is, means that something inside that area is bothering him and he does not know how to describe it.  There is a saying, “Any system that fails to excrete its wastes will soon die”.  This saying applies to almost anything and I am not trying to say that he will die from constipation, but it sure can feel like it.  It is a gruesome, painful condition that is just plain bad.  We made him some agar agar with papaya juice which he ate a tiny bit of the night before he had his easy bowel movement.  He won’t eat much of it, if any due to the slimy jello-like texture.  After having two painful days in a row, I can’t help but feel that it had something to do with yesterday having been an easy productive day for him.  I know of a few “cures” for constipation, or toddler constipation, though our little Darby is the pickiest eater on earth.  He loves broccoli, grapes, blueberries, dates and watermelon which he gets often.  He won’t eat our raw kale dish, our agar agar, or drink Cal Mag and smooth move.  We added some magnesium to his bottles and he just agreed to drink some papaya juice.  He usually only drinks a bottle with his Nature’s One or water with a tiny pinch of Himalayan or Celtic Salt.  The chiropractor that quit seeing us at Western Chiropractic believes that Darby might be getting too much iron from his formula, as he was consuming about 7-8 bottles per day when he first went there.  We cut him off practically and had no success after 2 weeks of him begging for his bottle, and no ease in constipation except for after each day of getting adjusted.  Those days he would have massive movements with no pain.  I can not even describe what an easy-going little doll of an angel cherub that Darby is when he has had a good bowel movement.  A nurse that we know mentioned the other day that it is funny how fun-loving Daddy and I are, and how irritable and serious Darby is.  He has a look in his eyes of a man carrying a heavy burden, sadly he is.
My prayer is that constipation become a thing of the past like scurvy, healed by good diet, proper alignment and physical well-being.  I am so thankful for the true pioneers who are not afraid of being made fun of and ridiculed by “professionals” that base their knowledge on half-truths, like, “this will make this problem go away, but you will get a long list of side effects that are possibly much worse in the long run”.  Even homeopathic solutions are often nothing more than a placebo.  I believe that there are true solutions to what ails us, it just takes time to wade through the snake oil salesmen wanting to get rich off of our illness.  Sadly, even well-meaning docs can get sucked into the hype.  I am blessed to be so sensitive that I don’t respond to placebos and can feel every little ouch.  I think that my kids are blessed with the same gift.  It is like having a built-in snake oil detector.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is stupidity, like me giving him something that he should not have or not giving him something that he should have.  There is so much more to constipation then just being constipated.  It is a sign of something in your body not working right and a major alarm to do something about it.  I am alarmed over the advice given on the Internet.  I am in shock over how many people suffer such pain and consider it normal to endure such agony.  Please don’t ever disregard signals from your body.  There was one voice of reason that I could find concerning toddler constipation or constipation in general.  One voice among thousands.  He is the author of ‘Fiber Menace’ and is quite a wealth of knowledge.  He is quite humorous, and does not shove some “one size fits all fix” to the masses.  He eats meat and admits that his diet might not suit others with other issues.  I don’t eat meat, and would prefer that no one else does. I also understand that some people going through some illnesses can less painfully start to heal by implementing a diet with meat if they are unable to balance their “proteins” properly.  I say “proteins” because that is not what we really attain as a benefit from meat or nature’s intended nutrition that we crave when we eat meat, it is an easy way to sum up a complex array of nutrients that when combined will produce important fuel for the body.  Please check out his website and trust that he speaks from true knowledge not some silly hypothesis that is BS like most “professionals”.  Konstantin Monastyrsky is a modern-day hero in my eyes.  I wish that he were a raw foodist too, although his good sense of balance for his body gifts him health that is at times equal to or better than someone on a raw foods diet that does not balance properly.  None of us were born perfect and most of us were not raised on the best foods and physical well-being.  Because of these factors, not all people can just switch to a raw foods diet without undue suffering that is not necessary.  Life is all about the proper balance.  Most people put more effort into their animal companion’s diets than their own.  Again, balance, both should obtain the necessary nutrients to fuel our bodies, along with getting adjustments, massage and acupuncture.  In a perfect world, a very knowledgeable, well-trained chef who is well versed in nutrition would take the place of a family doctor.
Concerning toddler constipation:
Concerning Konstantin Monastyrsky overall:
We are going to order this supplement that he recommends for constipation:
He has on his site what is called, ‘Longevity Diet’
I believe that after someone uses The Healing Diet to rid themselves of Candida, and if they are more comfortable with this type of diet instead of a Raw Foods Diet, that great health and happiness will be achieved with no need to take a ton of supplements or spend time and money at the doctor’s office and hospital once your body is acclimated to a more functional well-being:

If you or someone who you love struggles with constipation:


Baby kale massaged with olive oil or coconut oil (depending on which tastes good to you) with fresh minced garlic and a bit of Himalayan or sea salt.  Massage the ingredients together for about 5 minutes with your hands and then enjoy, it will taste and feel like it has been cooked.  If you can’t find baby kale, just use regular kale and remove the stems and slice into small pieces
Magnesium is a wonderful way to feel good, just make sure to back off if your stools get too loose Cal Mag is also enjoyable
Agar agar prepared with papaya or unfiltered apple juice, cool in the refrigerator and enjoy a jello-like dish
Fresh watermelon and other organic fruits, dates, avocados and olives (the raw kind in olive oil)- avoid hybrid fruits, way too sugary, more harm than good
Epsom salt baths
Follow the Healing Diet or the Longevity Diet until you become normal (or longer)
Go to a good chiropractor that is knowledgeable about natural ways to heal unlike the place that we first went to in Portland that was free and I won’t say anything else about it because I do appreciate that they did see us even though it was less than needed and  also avoid chiropractors like the type who make all their money off of sleazy insurance tactics.
Coconut oil and coconut butter– coconut oil can be made into small shapes and used as a suppository, it is much healthier than the ones that you buy, I make small balls out of it for Darby to ease his pain when his poop becomes large from not coming out for so long.  He begs me to use it.
Hydro colonics– some people don’t do well with these due to perforations, I feel better after getting them, some people don’t
Most important relief for constipation is to relax and go with the flow in every part of your life, don’t try to hold on to everything, it sounds simple, though it is easy to see if you analyze your life, that there are many of us that try to control everything that we can and it can take a toll on our well-being
Techniques mentioned on this site, I wish that this were in Portland, the doctor says that no one needing care will be turned away due to lack of funds:
It is May 23, 2013 and both of my babies are on the horizon of perfect health and happiness!  They are courageous little health warriors.  I will follow-up with our success in hopes that others may benefit.
June 6, 2013- We took Darby to the new chiropractor, Christina M Jaderholm, two times now.  She is amazing!  She is gifted with the ability to look at an issue from every angle and is smart enough to learn every detail before making a decision.  When I spoke with her on the phone, prior to coming in, she requested that we remember every detail of his poop from shape, size, color and smell.  When we came in to the office the first time, she was instantly able to comfort Darby.  Not once did we have to try to bribe him or beg for him to cooperate.  He enjoys going to see her and is putty in her hands.  Even my husband, who has severe social anxiety, and really shows his butt when he is around doctors, is comfortable with her.  I would recommend her to anyone who is considering going to a chiropractor.
Darby’s first visit was on Tuesday, May 28.  It was one of the most important days of his life considering the findings.  She spent about an hour going over many details and getting to know Darby’s physical and mental attributes.  His examination revealed three Primitive Reflexes and low muscle tone on the left side of his body.  These findings are symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury.  Soon after having been in the Trimet accident in 2011, my husband, Darby and myself, pregnant with Barrett at the time, tried going to a different chiropractor then either of the other two mentioned.  He was a jerk, to say the least.  After having seen the video footage from the accident, he did not feel as though Darby and I would get enough money to cover treatment because we did not physically hit anything inside the bus. We were jolted from side to side.  The impact was strong enough to throw my husband, who has the body of the statue David, around like a rag doll.  He was standing and folding up our stroller at the time that it happened.  It was also harsh enough of an impact to cause me to go to the hospital due to consistent labor pains that did not go away till Barrett was born two and a half months early.  I also developed new, excruciating pains on the left side of my body that still haunt me.  I have not been able to wear flats since the accident because something on the left side of my body is being pulled if I am not on my tippy toes.  I can’t brush or style my own hair, my daughter does it for me.  My left side of the body is in constant agony.  I am forced to grin and bare it.  The first few days after Barrett was born, I was so twisted out of shape from having given birth without having myself properly adjusted after such a forceful impact, that I was hunched over, limping and in tears trying to take care of the daily responsibilities that I had as a mom and wife.  Finally, a naturopath specializing in pain at 2 B Well in Lake Oswego, was kind enough to take a chance and see me one time to relieve some of the pain.  I was not healed, but I did get just enough relief to function without crying.  My PC had me get some acupuncture which is covered under my insurance and has helped some.  I started taking Darby to his PC, Julie Brush, who is a wonderful naturopath at 2 B Well at the Portland location.  Luckily, she has a very generous sliding scale fee.  His drastic mood swings since the accident were making me worry.  She said that we would keep a close eye on his development and hopefully he was young enough and limber enough not to have any long term effects.  We also had Early Intervention make sure that none of the signs of concussion were just behavioral.  When we got off of the bus directly after the accident, Darby has never been the same.  He became introverted and cranky most of the time.  People who the day before could pick him up and tickle him and twirl him in circles immediately became annoying to him.  He wouldn’t even let my husband or I hold him or play with him like before.  Now, if I get too close to his face, he hits me.  He is a different little boy, no doubt suffering a concussion and untreated injuries.  The chiropractor that we went to at the time of the accident insisted that there was no need for alarm from what he saw in the video footage.  He never did a physical exam on Darby or I insisting that he would not even get paid for it.  Sadly, that has been our fate since then.  We are forced to suffer since we are unable to self pay and it is tragic that the system is set up the way that it is.  I would rather get no money and be gifted the physical condition that we were all in prior to the accident then to get any money and to end up paying all of it and then some towards medical expenses trying to regain the functionality that we had before.  I have not been able to get the care that I need because every time that I find a doctor who sees people under PIP insurance, they call my lawyer and he tells them that they will probably not be reimbursed for Darby or myself.  OK, another tangent, we are so thankful that Darby’s condition finally started to manifest itself to a level that we could not ignore it and something had to be done.  Had we gone to anyone besides Christina, as you can tell by the track record of the two other chiropractors, Darby might have been forced to not get the care that he needs.  In the long run, the conditions that he has would have worsened instead of being able to train his body to work the way it is meant to like we are now.  The assumption that Darby was suffering constipation due to too much iron or any dietary causes were dispelled by both Julie Brush and Christina Jaderholm.  We also did our own test by practically eliminating all iron and soy for 2 weeks.  Darby’s constipation is without question caused by Traumatic Brain Injury from the Trimet accident.  I am disappointed in the previous chiropractors whose greed and stupidity got in the way of an angel of a little boy having the best health that he can have.  I am thankful to Julie Brush and Christina Jaderholm for having paid attention to detail and not sacrificing Darby’s well-being.
Darby’s second visit to Christina Jaderholm was Tuesday, June 6.  He walked into the building and office knowing that he would benefit in every way and suffer in no way.  The previous two chiropractors dealt with kicking and screaming to say the least.  This is quite pathetic considering that the first one didn’t even do anything.  She was patient and pleasant.  He is starting to make progress already.  I am not implying that all constipation is caused by Traumatic Brain Injury.  I was editing pictures and videos for the website and found that Darby was all smiles most of the time prior to the Trimet accident, and after it, he often has a serious, distant look in his eyes.  Poor little misunderstood baby doll, I feel so bad that I didn’t push harder to get him properly diagnosed right after it happened.  I don’t know how we would have paid for it then.  We are having to go without many of our supplements and other basics to have him treated now.  It is worth it.  One significant difference between Christina Jaderholm and other chiropractors is that she is specializes in Chiropractic Healthcare & Functional Neurology.  She also specializes in being a compassionate human who pays attention to her patients.


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