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A PDX family seeks adventure and wellness only to find that by uniting with individualism, compassion and courage, any misfit can redefine life & love it.  Perceived from the perspective of a wife, mommy,rock star, film maker, social and animal rights activist, gluten and corn free vegan evolving into a raw foodist, home schooling, entrepreneurial, medical know it all for my autistic, bipolar, highly allergic, super sensitive, heart surgery surviving, pulmonary hypertension, down syndrome, dyslexic, 5 car accidents in a row(not my fault), herniated and bulging discs, broken bones, diabetes, migraines, seizure suffering, sleep apnea, cataplexy, blood clots with thalassemia and G6PD, spatial dyslexia, brain injured, exposed to massive amounts of mold, severely anxiety ridden, recovering addict and alcoholic, most functional dysfunctional family in the world.  StrikeTheCanvas.com is the cumulative expression of one woman’s inability to give up thanks to the love and acceptance of her two teenagers, two babies and one baby/teenager/best friend of a husband and their band, “Strike The Canvas” in Portland Oregon.  Our family is united in an adventure to attain every dimension of wellness at home and in our community.  We fight side by side and share the same skin.
Buck the system, or at least learn how to survive it without compromising individuality, passion and genuine self-worth with the “Adams” family, while together, they prove that 3 Xs & U R Not Out at StrikeTheCanvas.com.



13 thoughts on “Welcome To The Family

  1. In twenty minutes i will meet with you and crusade through the streets as we do most days . Right now you are letting the old man graze and of course not eating yourself . Denying yourself while giving yourself to every passer by. This is why i crusade with you,to make sure u have that lil’ extra back up that everybody needs . Because you deserve some back up. Our own version of Mother Teresa.

  2. we think u and mikael(&family)totally rock and we stand behind u guys 100% with what ur creating w/ur website but also what u guys stand for as individuals and a close knit family unit.theres endless admiration and pride held for all that u guys have accomplished and continue to tread thru daily.I wish ya’ll the absolute best becuz u deserve nothing less than that on all accords.Always know that we hold dear our friendship and involvement w/in ur lives and u forever have our support and loyalty w/unswayed pride and honor til forever runs out and even then we shall pursue our ties&trueness well beyond.U guys have bn an incredible peice to enlightening our lives and brghtening our souls.Thank you both for just being the uniquely bueatiful people u are consistantly and so flawlessly.much love mira&TY

  3. hello, it’s sarah. it was wonderful running into you again after so long. glad to see you and your family are alive and well. much love and will keep you in my prayers

  4. Hello there, I met you on the max today your an awsome person. and beautiful to boot.
    and seeing what you have been through and you still smile makes you even more beautiful.
    shawn :)

  5. I’m excited to learn more. And to watch the concept of reality show Internet style grow into th most creative outlet for art therapy ever heard of! I wish you luck and think this will bring out a new voice within your family all together! I like that your pushing yourselves it inspires me to keep believing in love and a happily ever after for each and everyone of us!

  6. Love the website SugarMama!! I feel so blessed to call you a friend. You are amazing!! Here’s to Success on future endeaours!! Love, Hugs&& Kisses!!

  7. Love the site sugarmama!! So blessed to have you guys in my life! Here’s to new endeavours and lots of success. Love,hugs&kisses!!

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